Monday, 23 March 2015

~ Ash in Europe ~

[ Ash in Europe ]
Lemme tell you a story
 of a young guy
whose heart is in array
after several encounters
on his way.
Endurance, wits and luck
will be his companion
as he embarks and move on
a wonderful journey
of his lifetime.
The glaring Sun is still high
the reminisce Moon is still visible
a story of one's
to search and find himself
among His treasures.
His name is Ash,
and he is in a journey
 Only time and limb
will tell the rest.
To seek His sight
among the buildings
and the sign
of His awesomeness.
 That's what this all about.
London St Pancras Int.
Ash End.
Note: Lemme  = Let me (slang)

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