Sunday, 11 January 2015

~ Rural Discord ~

[ Rural Discord ]
I feel like sleepy,
gasping air- source of discrepancy
looking upon starry sky...
and wishing that one day;
writing in blank history
that we still have it- mercy
and faith towards humanity.
Brown woods, slacked roots
trying hard finding routes
blocking help, villains' crap;
when victims waiting in vain
and leaders shouting frames
of so-called name and gain,
but the people keep giving hand
trust me- they ain't rest from pain.
Black bullets, red pens
shadowing the right of justice
killing mans, crashing shops
like you own the whole places
know your limit- O jurnalists!
'Coz there is time when facts
are fashioned with your blunt lies
created from hatred and disguise
So, stop that act
have you forgotten the fact
that a brave officer sacrifices his life
to defend his right
and when a young girl sacrifices her faith
to have her K-night.
- Ash End -
AGLC, M'cr

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