Monday, 5 January 2015

~ Watery Ground ~

[ Watery Ground ]
The land is now full of brown
of hash and crash.
Nothing's remain, yet the people...
still smiling,
and the kids are still playing,
can't wait for a week, longing
for their wrecked school to be opened.
SOS like in a movie,
help is on its way
but still, some playing victims
and taking advantages of the broken hearts,
where humanity is put on test
between words, photos and brands
before unity and willingness.
"I will give help when needed" said the country's ruler,
but incomparable to The Ruler of universe,
when He said:
" I'll always help you in evens and odds,
as long as you remember Me."
This is the disaster
happened to the innocent humans
because of greediness in hands of humans
who put risk developments and money
before human right and safety.
Flood is not longer a friend,
but it's a sign that
one shall not mess with Nature.
May Allah protect us and those victims from ill manners,
and give us His blessing.
  - Ash End -
AGLC, M'cr

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