Monday, 30 November 2015

~ Syria: Part I ~

[ Syria I ]

Warcry, been in a state of
Disaster, ever since I know you
The last time, I saw you just trapped inside

Now I get lost, tracing my reasoning back
It cost nearly everything that my
Brothers in faith, lose everything today

Oh, no I'm not ready to lose everything I know
I'm not letting go of Syria
You know I held on too much
I left you at the playground, I put you in my heart
Oh and now my friend, all that news is behind us
You never have to afraid, you never have to worry

You never have to
Save up every last breath and
Shake off the guilt feeling that you're watching
Me now, I should have just recall the truth
Pray for, who?

Me, or them, or Him?
God save the innocent ones.
The Merciful, and The Most Powerful.
May those in there rewarded with sweet warmth of Heaven.

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