Wednesday, 9 December 2015

~ Syria: Part II ~

[ Syria II ]

But now my friend, listen to the news I (hear)
Cannot forget a decision they (made)
Spent money all around, wasted for you
(So-called act of humanity, they said)

It's just a fantasy (really?), aiming missiles like a cease
Pull me out of this, I can't breathe (properly)
It's burning through my chest
(The news of nation's inhumanity)

A fantasy (really?), stopping acts of this kind, please
Push youself out of comfort, making myself cried
You just need a life (seriously)
(You and I, humans alike)

From Syria, you know I held on too much
I left you at the playground, I put you in my heart
Oh and now my friend, all that fact is behind us
You never have to afraid, you never have to worry

You never have to

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