Sunday, 10 January 2016

Portfolio KYB

Salam and greetings.

First and foremost, happy new year 2016.

I would to announce my portfolio as I writing up in this blog, to sum up what's happening around me, a year ago, with a hint of released products.

Here are the following works published:
1. The Land Without a Map (November 2014) -
2. The Time Journal (March 2015) -
3. Leaping Out of a Dream (Disember 2015) -

A warm appreciation and kudos to Kata-Pilar Books and Grup Karyawan Luar Negara for these opportunities. 

For more info, visit the links and 
Support the local products and works.


P/s: I'll continue writing up after 1/2/16. Until then, keep smiling and have a good time!

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