Sunday, 5 April 2015

~ Ash in Europe: Epilogue ~

[ Ash in Europe: Epilogue ]
Such reminiscence comes in my mind
as I, a young guy, make it alive
walking through hardship and wits...
footsteps of miracle and coincidence
with Him at my side.
Chasing by a funny looking local
riding a white, bumpy caravan
getting a lift from a beautiful blonde
having myself in queues and lines
meeting with one of blood siblings
praying in open spaces
eating with friendly locals and friends;
and other interesting stuffs
worth mentioning
a lifetime moment to be treasured.
While time elapses in the shadow,
notes and coins in exchanging hands
my Malay tongue is still intact
while speaking in foreign language;
somehow survive
in a world of sovereignty
apart from my culture and religion.
Now, as I sit on a chair
with books and notes at my sides
writing and reading like never before;
it's time to continue
my life, usual life
of an undergrad student.
If there is another chance,
or time permits, so does the money,
and with His blessing;
I wish to travel more,
and find even more
of the signs of His creation.
Will I able to rewrite
my handwritten scribes of this journey
into a wonderful guide book
for those who wander and want it
later in future?
Ash End.

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