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~ RPG Part 1: TWAOK ~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful.
Peace and Blessings on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), Khatimul Anbiya '.
TWAOK refers to ‘The World Allah Only Knows
Once upon time, there is a boy who lives in the Malayan province, with his beloved family and friends. One day, he found a book. He opened a page in it, and an unknown voice suddenly spoke: “Invoke me, and I shall aid you.  I willl reveal you the first stage. To proceed to the next stage, find the truth of the world yourself…” The boy vanished, out of side, leaving behind the book. The page, where it all began, is page 1410 (H), entitled ‘TWAOK’.
And then, the boy, dumb-founded,  starts his journey of self-living, seeking for his strength and weakness, resolving his own salvation. The story only just began…
OK, enough with the long-winded opening paragraph. Back to the present.
I am now alive, thank goodness. Alhamdulillah, thumma Alhamdulillah. Wherever I am now, I was able to breathe the fresh air, the  O2 supply as equal as the person working on the side of the world. Neither less nor more than one-fifth of the air composition (20.8% to be exact).
The world we are living is just a game. However, this is a game no like other. It’s not just a child’s game or a programmer’s game. There are several rules and regulations needed to be abiding while playing this game.
Before moving on to the rules, here’s some Frequency Asked Question (FAQ) regarding this game:-
1. What is the name of this game? Does it have a prequel/ sequel?
To be honest, I don’t know its title. It has lots of name, but for simplification, I shall name it ‘The Life Game’. (It’s not The Game of LIFE, since the latter is too easy.) Sorry, no prequel or sequel.
2. Who is the creator of the game? Is He around? Can I meet Him?
He is neither Tet, a kid; nor Akihiko Kayaba, a genius programmer; nor Hiroto Minaka, a self-proclaiming, mad scientist. These people are not around, and you’ll never meet them, unfortunately. (Because they are not the game masters for this one)
He is Allah, the Almighty God. The All-Knowing, The All-Hearing, and The All-Seeing. Yes, Allah is always with you, all time, day and night. If you obey His rules throughout the Game, Insya Allah, you will meet Him in the Hereafter.
3. So, what’s so special about this Game? Why should I bother to participate it?
The ultimate unique feature of this game is it resembles your real-life experience. As the Game[1] progress, you will encounter options, detours, unavoidable battles, missions to be completed and friendly allies and hatred enemies, alike. You will feel the emotions personally, be it pain or sadness, joyful or happiness.
Sadly, no one is unable to finish this Game by using any cheat codes. Game Shark is unless, too, I’m afraid. It uses all 5 senses, with instincts comes into play, without using any limiters. Such game is played with real-time, simulcasting with other players.
Everyone who lives in the Earth shall participate in this Game. It’s a compulsory. In addition, all races and types of living creatures are participating besides human, too. Some rules are exempted if you are under 12 years old (depends on each person's capability).
4. What’s the purpose of playing this game? What’s its main objective?
It has been stated that, you aim is to be the Khalifah of the Earth[5]. No need to be the richest person, or beat the last bad-assed boss who spread darkness and evil throughout the planet. Sounds simple, right?  Alongside with variation of side-quests or sub-missions to choose from, this Game allows you to play safely, without any means to destroy you internally from the game.
5. Any bad things happened if the main objective is not fulfilled?
Actually, you are allowed to do any add-ups as long you are still in the right path.  However, bear in mind that there are many participants who had fallen under the over-playing scheme and become obsessed with the Earth itself. They made the Earth itself as their own playground and being laxness towards the threat from the Game Master[2]. Such feign ignorance made by these people shall be punished, be it now or later[6].
6. Any manual/ walkthrough that can be used in accordance to this game?
There is one. Al-Quran Kareem. The Ultimate guidebook ever made, by the Game Master Himself. It’s a Holy Book, filled with stories of the forgotten past, hidden missions, character upgrades, etiquette alertness and how to win this game, the easy way (but not many people realise this one). Unfortunately, any beaters who had successfully ended this Game, are unable to share the story, excluded those stories from the Book[3] and the Narrative Quote[4].
7. How many people are allowed in a party?
This is another special feature of this Game. At first, you’ll have several people who tied under the same blood, namely family members as your partners through this hard journey. As you proceed, you shall meet friends and foes alike, from the likes of your common school , work place, interest or events. It will be extended if you have successfully introduced a bride into your party; who knows what number will be show up? In a sum, it’s unlimited. Nevertheless, bear in mind that they will not able to help you in future, in the Hereafter, unless permission is granted from the Game Master. Under this circumstance, it’s a Special Gift named ‘Syafa’at’ and it’s a rare occasion[7]. Such rare item is achieved by only special means from 3 special characters  Try your best to obtain it form them!
8. Any save points? How do I save my progress?
Unlike an ordinary game, where you can simply plug in a memory card and saves, this Game provides the opposite way. This game is set to be one-off attempt, meaning that retrying is impossible. Luckily, saving and loading are possible, where you will be sleeping in night, saving in your brain membrane (that is your self-memory stick) and continues on the next day, if the Game Master permits it. (and you don't need to insert another coin, by the way)
Real-time: Saving and Loading
9. Could I have a ‘Game Over’ in this game? What should I do to avoid it?
Again, unlike an ordinary game, retrying repeatedly over a same point is impossible. Still, this Game is extraordinary that even structured algorithms could not be computed to create the ending. ‘Game Over’ is this Game means that you are dead, unable to continue and buried six feet underground. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable and everyone should prepare themselves for it. When the times come, neither a second before nor later is delayed. The order is absolute[8].
10. How do I level up? Could I reach Level 100?
Normally, beating high-level opponents will grant you lots of EXP points, and you level up as EXP increases. Sorry, that method is no longer working in this Game. To level up, you need to pass through 365 days, or 12 months straight. That’s 3.1536 x107 seconds for you. Sounds a lot, right? Everyone is given the same chance, same allocation to be spent. Thus, as you level up, your physical and emotional characteristics will change according to your previous actions and missions. Yes, it’s possible to reach Level 100, if the Game Master permits it. Shortly speaking, your age is your current level in this Game. You can be either stronger and much matured, or rotted and become lazy bums. It’s up to you on how you precede your level.
No need for coins, this time.
That’s all for now. Rules and regulations will be updated later in future. Until that time come, please do survive and play this Game responsibly.
 "It's true that the real world is a shitty game. It's both unreasonable ... and illogical...
... But a happy end will never come to those who want to finish a difficult game with ease."
[1] – Game: The Life Game
[2] – Game Master: Allah the Almighty God
[3] – Book: al-Quran Kareem
[4] – Narrative Quote: Hadith Nabawi
[5] – Reference from al-Baqarah, 2: 30.
[6] – Reference from al-Hadid, 57: 20.
[7] – Reference from Tahaa, 20: 109
[8] – Reference from al-A’araf, 7: 34
1. Al-Quran Kareem
2. The World God Only Knows
3. Sword Art Online
1. Madao’s Theme – Kamagata Eiichi

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