Sunday, 22 March 2015

~ The Man in Seat 28 ~

[ The Man in Seat 28 ]
"Mind the Gap, please"
as the guy stepped inside
the coach of humanity
where he give his seat
to a standing old lady
and a little kid offered him a seat.
No a single fish
was given on that day
when the guy got a first class
but release the chance;
what a wasteful moment.
An hour later,
he arrived at the station
full of workers
searching for food outlets
and he went to a small block
lowered his body to Him.
The Red Star gazes its light
stealthy from the thick clouds
shyly, hiding from humans' sight.
The guy, once a typical Asian
labelled 'Mat Saleh Celup'
now finding himself
among His creations.
London King Cross
Ash End

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