Wednesday, 14 January 2015

~ CRE I ~

[ CRE I ]
It takes few seconds to blow
the words of fallen silence
when so-called justice...
becomes another cover.
When a riot of peace-walking act
the minority become helpless
away from humanity, or even reality,
"Because it's to protect our homeland"- they said,
but how about the innocent bystanders,
a hundred, no, a five-digit value
of armless victims,
of another tragedy of war.
Blasphemy, hypocrisy and humanity;
where the public just know what's in the box,
but soon you realise that the Earth is no longer sphere,
that is my friend- you are too late.
Behold the new world order,
when the rich oppressed the poor,
warfare is no longer with guns and swords,
but with keyboards and pens,
and I shall call it:
'Crimes of the Reality, Earthians'.
-Ash End-
Kentucky FC

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