Thursday, 15 January 2015

~ CRE II ~

[ CRE II ]
"Mommy, why they don't stand for us?
Why my schoolmates get bombed, killed for no reason?
Why my lodged house destroyed in bits by fallen metallic arrows?...
Why we need to run away for our village?"
"Why those foreigners mark us; refugees,
even we are still in our country?"
That day, was the last time I saw her smile;
before a skyfall of missiles hit around us,
and one of them hit her in front of my eyes. 1
I'm seventeen now, in so-called modern city,
living alone, far from relatives,
tried to accomplish my dad's dream;
becomes a successful philosopher.
I can't forget that day,
like those in Peshawar, Nigeria, Iran,
Afgan, Pakistan, and my neighbour Libya,
it's repeating, now in Europe,
just next across the border.
Perhaps, I need to read more and discover more,
and listen, and read
and write what I've read.
So, the kids in future will know
'the Crimes of Reality by Earthians'
adds another one more
after Nature destruction,
that is - Double Standard.

1. Based on a true story for my hallmate.

- Ash End -

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