Thursday, 24 March 2016

LNM: The Word

[ LNM: The Word ]

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Word”

The stage focused to a single man, whose name remained unknown to the audience. Lights glimmered through his feet, forming a circular image on the floor. The man looked around and started delivering his speech. Everyone was paying attention to this man, who dressed like a clown, wearing a red blob wig, white and blue striped shirt and black trousers. He smiled, with a sinister look on his face.

Trails of voices of the crowd in a soft, yet layered in the thin speck of air. Everyone discussed the reliability of the man’s remark.


“Can we trust him?”

“What he’s just another con guy?”

“Heck, like I believe anything this guy said.”

Without anyone noticed, a guy in black suit popped out a .44 Magnum from his pocket.

“You! – on the stage, what a bluff. Like Hell I would listen to your blabbering.”

Everyone screamed in panic. Chaos ensured.

The guy pulled out the trigger. As he tried to shoot, the clown guy opens up a black book from his trousers. He slipped out a fountain pen from the shirt’s pocket and writes something in the book.

Seconds later, the black suit guy retracted his gun and directed the nozzle to his head.

“Curse you!” that’s his last word before a gunshot was heard.

A high-pitched tone of shriek from a lady followed up. Everyone else muttered in silence. No one dared to meet the eyes of the clown guy, No one but one – a young boy.

“See, I told you. The Word is indeed amazing. It can be a Heaven or Hell, depends on how your writing.”

“As long we listen to you, you’ll not cause any harm to us, right?”

“Well, you could say that. But I have something prepared for you. Walk through the red-colored door next to me – and you’ll see.”

The lights of the room suddenly turned off, and on within a minute. Traces of the clown guy is nowhere to be found. He just vanished, right after that.

‘Should we walk through it –the red door?”

“Who knows what happens next.”

And some of the crowd make their way to the red door.


The young boy, suddenly watched his surroundings and starts to write up what he observed in a small book. A plain, brown A5 sized book.

“This sounds interesting to me!”

(to be continued)

Ash End.

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